Mission Statement

We aim to offer the local community an indoor climbing facility where they can engage in the healthy recreational activity of climbing and, through encouragement and promotion by the club, learn safe and good practice in all aspects of climbing.  We will do this by providing facilities, training and education to the residents of South Norfolk and surrounding areas, junior and adult, regardless of ability.

Our History

In 2015, South Norfolk Council made the difficult decision to remove their outdated climbing wall as part of the Wymondham Leisure Centre refurbishment plans.  This left a void in climbing facilities in South Norfolk and in response a group of passionate climbers, parents of children who climb and instructors formed the South Norfolk Climbing Club, an organisation committed to the belief that the community need continued access to a local indoor climbing wall.

We have worked closely with South Norfolk Council to find a solution to the lack of climbing facilities in the area.  The outcome has been an exciting project to create a new facility through the installation of a modern, purpose-built climbing wall in 2016.  It is the only one of its kind in South Norfolk available to the whole community.

South Norfolk Council awarded our project a substantial grant and we were successful in our application for further funding from Sport England who awarded an Inspired Facilities grant in 2015. Together, this enabled the creation of the Morley Wall, which is managed by South Norfolk Climbing Club.

Commitment to Our Community

South Norfolk Climbing Club is a charity run by the community, for the community, and we welcome support from anyone who is interested in helping us offer climbing residents of South Norfolk a superb indoor climbing experience. Our club is run by volunteers who include climbers, instructors, parents and young people. Get in touch if you would like to know more about our plans for the club and how you can get involved.

what people say

I have been climbing for nine months. Climbing has made me work better in a team, also it has made me believe more in myself and overcome my fear of heights.

Josh, 15

For me personally, the experience of learning to climb has enabled me to challenge my fear of heights, increased my self-confidence, improved my fitness and given me a new circle of fantastic friends.


What I love about climbing is the trust you develop in other people, and the sense of community this builds.


do your best!

Climbing is a brilliant strength workout. Shorter climbs are all about power, while over longer climbs you can work on your stamina.
You need to concentrate on manoeuvres while you climb, which will help you build problem-solving skills.

Technique is all

Use your legs and let your arms dead hang until your next move, because tension in your arms will fatigue you quickly. It’s not just about strength but how well you move.

Bodyweight rules

A pull-ups aid your climbing strength, so you should spend more time on bodyweight exercise. No one cares about what you can bench or squat on a rock wall.

Limber up

There’s nothing worse than cramping up mid-movement and coming off the wall to swing around like a fool. Devote time to stretching before and after your climb.

Plan your route

A route plan is essentially a cheat sheet that helps you to make decision before hand and keep track of your progress. Pick your route difficulty and assess the best way up.